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The Benefits of Online Learning

Learning at any place, at any time by use of internet or any other electronic media is called E-Learning. There are number of benefits of online learning or e-learning to developers as well as developing companies. Users

Java is a revolutionary language

Java is a revolutionary language. The properties that make Java so attractive are present in other programming languages​​. Many languages ​​are ideal for certain types of applications, even more than Java. But Java brings all these properties

Top 10 PHP Tips for Developers

I always wanted to write an article like this because I think about it all the time – the 10 things that should be considered most important to convey to someone else? Well, after literally years of

New Features in PHP 5.4

PHP 5.4 has been released, bringing with it a host of new features and fixes. TechRepublic has arrested many enhancements that Web developers should take into account in the new version. Memory and Performance Improvements A number

Messaging Apps for iPhone

In this post we are going to tell you about alternative of whatsapp and the best messaging apps for iphone and iPad, which you should download and use right now. The apps are listed without any particular

Top 5 Car Racing Games for Android

Racing games are brimming with fun. That is the reason we need to share the Best Car Racing games for Android. The accompanying rundown of auto Racing games are additionally the best pick from the Google Play

Use Tab Key to Indent in WordPress HTML Editor

How often do beginners copy code from another websites? Do you differ the code with the tabs or with a lot of spaces? I think it depends on the code highlighter user use. Whatever, I don’t prefer

JDBC Connectivity with MySql

In this tutorial, you will know how to JDBC connectivity with Mysql. Java Database Connectivity is a technology that enables the java program to manipulate data stored into the database. The interface for accessing relational databases from

How to Remove the Search Box in Magento 1.8

Step one : From the Admin Panel, choose Design>Theme Editor Step two : Click customise button on your Current Theme Step three : choose CSS Editor on the left column Step four : In Edit custom.css field,